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The Adventures of Harry Stevenson

Simon & Schuster 2019-21
Author: Ali Pye

Meet Harry Stevenson. He doesn’t live in a castle, or a witch’s cottage, or anywhere exciting like that. His home is in a flat with seven-year-old Billy and his mum and dad. And at first glance, Harry doesn’t seem any different from your average guinea pig. He has ginger fur and sparkly black eyes and likes nothing more than snacking on a piece of broccoli.

But don’t be fooled! Harry may just want to sleep and eat (and then eat some more) but somehow he always manages to get swept up in adventures: whether it’s scoring a goal in a vital cup match, creating mayhem in Billy’s classroom or hitching a ride to Paris with a gang of bikers!

There are three Harry Stevenson books:
The Adventures of Harry Stevenson
‘Guinea Pig Superstar’ and
‘Go, Go, Guinea Pig!’.