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Girls Can Do Anything!

Scholastic 2018
Author: Caryl Hart

Girls are amazing.
So shout it out loud -
I’m strong, brave and proud!”

Do you want to climb a mountain? Drive a fire engine? Become prime minister? Join the girls in the pages of this book to see the incredible things they do every day and find out what you might like to do, too! A picture book for every girl with a dream.

Together We Can!

Scholastic 2019
Author: Caryl Hart
All over the world and from
since time began, 
we show every day that...
together we CAN!

A fun-filled and vibrant picture book showing children forming friendships and displaying kindness and compassion. The perfect rhyming read-aloud with joyous illustrations, this book celebrates diversity and inclusivity throughout and highlights how important togetherness is in our world.